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BIZARRE X / AGATHOCLES - Split 9inch + F.K.R.#09 LP

BIZARRE X / AGATHOCLES - Split 9inch + F.K.R.#09 LP

This is PREORDER for the upcoming Split 9inch between BIZARRE X & AGATHOCLES

Limited to 300 copies

Edition I - PLUS: F.K.R.#09 - GROMBIERA & PAPRIKA - 4 Way Split 12inch LP

You wann listen to the Bonus LP: http://fuckingkillrecords.bandcamp.com

Release Date: between 15.06.2017 and 30.06.2017

7 new bomb tracks from Germanys oldest Drum & Bass Power Violence maniacs BIZARRE X.
They team up with Belgian Mince Core legends AGATHOCLES on that Split 9inch, that is limited to 300 copies.
Not the normal AGATHOCLES stuff here, because they cover an old Belgian cult PUNK band named:
DE JEUGD VAN TEGENWOORDING. And that is fucking brilliant!

Check the Video: http://youtu.be/djU44LErsLI

15 EUR11 EUR