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BODY VOID - "Ruins" 12inch LP clear

BODY VOID - "Ruins" 12inch LP clear

Vinyl Release - limited to:
150 clear vinyl / 150 white vinyl 
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Dry Cough Records - United Kingdom
Crown & Throne - USA
Released: 31.01.2017


Four songs of painful sludge, pummeling doom, and destructive waves of noises greet the listener to the world of Body Void and their debut album "Ruins". The Bay area trio formed in 2014 and released a couple of well-received demos under the name Devoid, the change of name coinciding with a renewed focus that has seen them hone their unique styling of depressive noise and massive riffs to devastating effect. The band plays a similar style of sludge/doom like their fellow labelmates in Keeper and Primitive Man, or bands like Thou and Khanate. With lyrical themes as "death, gender identity, depression, suicide ideation, dreams, and, of course, space," the band's music weights down on you like a cinderblock tied to your feet, as you sink below the depths to a certain death.
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