Fucking Kill Records

NULLA OSTA - "Kad Utihnu Psi​.​.​.​" - Limited Edition - LP plus CD

FUCKING KILL Records #37
Limited to 50 handnumbered copies!
Listen: https://fuckingkillrecords.bandcamp.com/album/f-k-r-37-kad-utihnu-psi-dolazi-doba-vukova-12-lp

The new vinyl record on black vinyl, comes here with a professional printed DIGIPACK, who contains a CD-R with all 37 songs, that NULLA OSTA recorded from 2009 - 2015
Released: 23.08.2015

10 new tracks from that amazing Croatian Hardcore-Punk Outfit, that roll over you with it´s two bass guitars, and without an E-guitar, like an hurricane!!!

Making D.I.Y. HARDCORE-POWER-PUNK-VIOLENCE a fucking threat again!!!
14 EUR